Hancock Press is an independent platform that recognizes the importance of a well-rounded approach in the literary industry; from publication all the way to what navigates a steadfast marketing campaign.


Over the years, our straightforward manner in completing a strategic research and market-awareness allows us to gain a wealthy knowledge which opens a gateway of possibilities to our authors.


We provide FREE consultancy from our literary advisors on how to be creative in taking that competitive edge in marketing and keep them abreast on publishing trends. Listening to our authors gives us a clearer understanding of their visions which then allows us to present a tailor-fit method in dealing with their publishing and marketing requisite.


Our dedicated team of editors are willing to provide a FREE Manuscript Appraisal and details a professional, reliable and truthful insight to both professional and budding authors. We cater to a variety of genres or anything that creates inspiration and bring stories and ideas to the readers. We are here to facilitate in building an author’s portfolio and not just mould them into an effective writer that can convey ideas delightfully.


We believe that a well-crafted book does not just emanate from a powerful teaching and important life lesson but by the delivery of the literary architect.


If you are about to take the route to publication, know your role and take the first step today.