It does not matter whether you are a novice or an established author, the challenge always remains in the constant modification and demands of establishing an enduring book promotion and exposure.


The good news is, a book campaign can be made easier and faster with the use of technology and the internet. A single click of a mouse can open a floodgate of opportunities and possibilities for PR services. It has been a proven fact that a single video that goes "viral" in a social media site can make someone an instant celebrity and that event which we thought in the past as something fictional or surreal, is now a reality.


However, the not-so-good news is, getting the word out about your book has no formula. Setting up an absolute campaign that bank majorly on a specific factor might deem crucial. That is why a research-based manner of accomplishing a book campaign is a must. Everything must start from the basic – the manuscript.

A professional book publicist knows that the essential considerations to crafting a marketing plan are genre-specification and the niche market, to name a few. An author who ventures on aggressive book publicity should know the readers’ latest whims and be pragmatic with reality. At the end of the day, literary publicity is what makes or break an author.