Your legacy begins here.

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Your legacy begins here.

We are a group of publicists, marketing analysts, editors, literary agents, media and network consultants, who work on behalf of authors to advertise new books -- whether printed on paper or sold digitally. We serve as the backbone in everything; from helping build author bios and websites to organizing book tours, arranging for media interviews and scheduling authors on radio and television shows.


We are an independent platform that recognizes the importance of a well-rounded approach in publication all the way to what navigates a steadfast marketing campaign. Over the years, our straightforward manner in completing a strategic research and market-awareness campaign allows us to gain a wealthy knowledge which opens a gateway of possibilities to our authors. 

We provide FREE consultancy from our literary advisors on how to be creative in taking that competitive edge in marketing and keep them abreast on publishing trends.

"Creating a book that is readable and understandable requires input from much more than the author. Hancock Press has provided the needed assistance for me with professionalism, integrity, and encouragement. I highly recommend them to anybody seeking that kind of needed support and look forward to continuing the relationship we have built."


Author - "Divine Principles"

Why Hancock Press?

We think ahead, move quick and promote innovation.

We have access both directly and indirectly to a vast number of media outlets, decision-makers and networks which we have developed solid relationship in the years that we have been in the publishing business.


We provide a custom-fit kind of services, be in publication or marketing, which makes us unique from among our competitors.


We believe in the power of a story, so we use research-based marketing and publication strategy in implementing our services to be able to maximize our target audience reach.